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Lakefront Home
This new home, located on a beautiful lake in Southern Oregon, takes advantage of views from all 5 bedrooms & 4 baths, as well as all living spaces in the house.  Sided with cedar shingles and roofed with green sheetmetal, the home blends into the site gracefully.
New Farmhouse
This new home borrows its character from East Coast farmhouses - featuring porches, small- pane windows and traditional interior details.  Tall interior spaces & high clerestory windows assure bright, airey volumes.

The kitchen features custom-painted single-panel cabinets, colored concrete countertops & stainless steel appliances.
Main House
Guest House

Hillside Homes
This modern-styled home provides 3 bedrooms & 2 baths in a compact 1,500 sq.ft.  Despite the steep site, simple forms reduce the construction cost while the clean, modern lines provide an appealing architectural style.
With north-facing exposure, large glazing areas afford beautiful views of the valley while avoiding sun exposure and unwanted heat gain.
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Japanese-styled Home
Steep Down-slope Home
This small home on a steep lot was originally built as a 800 sq.ft. studio home with the bedroom area tucked under the kitchen loft.  Later a 400 sq.ft. master bedroom suite was added under the deck & part of the living room.  Despite the small square footage, the large volume creates a sense of light, airey space with beautiful views to the north through the 2-story glass wall.  The tiled deck is an integral part of the design and visually expands the interior space while providing a conveniently-located outdoor living space.
Glazed Spanish tile is used as an integrating element throughout the Master Bathroom.  Acrylic block windows provide light & privacy.  Storage cabinets take advantage of otherwise unused  adjacent crawlspace.
Down-slope Studio Home
SOLAR HOME - Bodega Harbor 
This Bodega Harbor home is nestled 5' into the ground, for heat conservation & to satisfy height limits. The Entry greenhouse provides heat for the upper floor.  The lower bedroom suites each have their own greenhouse.
Features include:  

insulated slab heat sinks 
vacuum-tube solar      collectors  for hot water  heating
two heat-circulating  fireplaces
glazed room corners  provide panormic views of  Bodega Bay
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Upslope lots generally impose a design as well as structural problem for the Architect. Parking requirements dictate excavation and tall retaining walls, increasing development costs.   Economics also dictate that the home be built over the parking.  This results in a scale problem from the street which can be solved by breaking down the scale of the facade with voids and shadows as you see in this building.  Color, shadow & texture become important design tools.
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New studio home on a steeply sloping, north-facing, down-slope lot is desgned to fit within a narrow footprint while taking advantage of the view to the east and the morning sun.
Interior space features tall ceilings in the entry and living room providing a sense of spaciousness and openess to the heavily-wooded exterior.  Main space is a 2-story, loft-type living space including a sleeping area tucked under the kitchen-dining balcony.  Perfect low-maintenance starter-home for a single person or young professional couple.
New Home on Lake Almanor
This 3-bedroom vacation home has been located sensitively on the site to take advantage of the panoramic lake views and the solar orientation.
New Homes
New Home on the Creek
This new 3-bedroom, 3 bath home focuses the living space onto a tiled deck and the creek, garden and hills beyond.  The Owner's development and care of the landscaped yard is an integral element of this casual environment.

The site was constrained by the creek location.  The house design responded to the site and budget with an efficient plan that not only featured a large living room but an intimate family room/ music room.  While the upper floor contains the Master Bedroom and a bedroom/study, the space below the living room and deck provides a large 3rd bedroom/bath perfect for guests..

Glazing with southern orientation provides passive solar heating.
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Solar Homes
SOLAR HOME - 2nd Unit Prototype
This new 3-bedroom, 2-bath home was economically designed but funds were spent to provide an active solar heating system designed by Rushton-Chartock Architects called a solar attic.
The attic space is fully insulated and features 2 large double-glazed skylights.  The solar gain pre-heats the hot water heaters (located in the attic) and, when a pre-determined temperature is reached, hot air in the attic is pumped by means of fans into the insulated and sand-filled crawl space which acts as a heat sink and then by natural convection, releases warm air to warm the lower floor as the night-time temperature drops.  Hot air is exited in the summer.

A wood-burning stove & forced-air system act as backup but are rarely used.
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NEW UP-SLOPE HOME in San Anselmo
Despite the steep upslope lot, the lot was wide enough to allow a steep driveway, running parallel to the contours, to provide more convenient access to the home entry.
Once up to the house, there are views provided from most rooms, looking south toward Mt. Tam. Douglas Fir trim and cabinetry is used consistently throughout the house.
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We have subdivided this lot creating zoning for two new residences.  New homes were designed for each lot and approved by San Rafael Planning.  The steep upslope has dictated minimal footprint to minimize excavation & existing tree removal. 
*  Homes terrace up the slope. 
*  Bungalow character with gable forms, dormers      & small-pane windows.
*  Differing materials and forms provide individual     character for each home.
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See other solar homes under REMODELING/ solar homes.
Moderate Down-slope Home
This new home steps down the gently sloping site, allowing the structure to hug the natural contours and keeping the profile as low as possible to avoid obstructing views from the neighbors across the street.
* The entry is defined by the horizontal railing that leads to the front door.
* The builidng is orientated toward the down-slope view of the bay.
* The feeling of spaciousness in this small home is emphasized by             the large, tiled viewing terrace located directly off of the living room.

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Intricately detailed and beautifully executed, this San Rafael home for a homeowner of Japanese descent, responds to the Client's desire for traditional elements. 
The home includes a mat room and other specialties excecuted by Japanese craftsmen, shoji screens and fine wood finishes.
New Homes
Upslope Homes
Solar Homes
Built on pier and grade-beam on a very steep down-slope lot, this home takes advantage of the southerly view of Mt. Tam and the passive solar heating through the south-facing sliding glass doors.
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SOLAR HOME - Low-cost home in San Anselmo
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SOLAR POWERED:  This solar home is pre-designed to provide passive-solar heating with photo-voltaic panels for electrical supply.  The unit meets local Green Points and State Fire Marshall WUI requirements including fire sprinklers.

CONSTRUCTION COST for the basic home is currently estimated at  $187,000, contracted in Marin County, + fees & utility runs.  

EXPANSION:  This unit is perfect for a 2nd unit on your existing property, or the first phase of an expandable home, expanding from a 1 to a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house.
Features include:   all kitchen appliances, including washer-dryer
                            cathedral ceilings and balanced natural light
                            pre-designed for construction on your property
                            on-demand water heater

Alternative Power:  Photo-voltaic solar panels can be added as an option, either as a direct purchase or added to the conventional package at no initial cost but with a monthly lease agreement from the utility company.

Plans for the basic unit are available from us at a minimum charge when we are contracted to provide services for revisions, sitework, site-specific engineering and coordination for submittal to the relevant planning and building depts.  All project costs including fees, permits & sitework will be estimated by us to provide you with a complete turn-key cost.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your site.

* Prices subject to change without notice.
The first SolarHome was successfully completed in San Anselmo, on budget.
NEW UP-SLOPE HOME in Mill Valley
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Innovative bidding procedures allowed this Mill Valley home to be built within the client's limited budget. 
Photographs by
Note the following standard features:
*  Stained concrete floor
*  Shaker-style cabinets
*  All appliances included with     undercounter  washer/ dryer & dishwasher
*  Microwave/ range hood
*  Refrigerator
*  Gas fireplace
*  Granite counterops
*  Recessed lighting

Options shown here:
*  Pine paneled ceiling

2nd Units
Fairfax Moderate Down-slope Home
San Anselmo 2nd Unit Prototype
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Steep Down-slope Home in Fairfax
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Second Units
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Mini-Unit 2nd Unit Prototype
Reduced in size to 200 sf, this complete Studio unit provides all the features of a complete living space while reducing size and cost.
Mill Valley 2-bedroom, 2-bath Second Unit
This 700 s.f. unit expands the basic prototype to provide 2 sleeping areas, each with its own bath.  Upgrades include hardwood flooring, pine paneled ceiling  and pervious patio paving.

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Classic Fairfax Home
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This beautiful large home has all the amenities, including gated entry, outdoor gardens, spacious garage/ workshop, multi-purpose room over the garage, and fine finishes throughout the interior.
Forest Knolls Downslope Home 
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